Redrow retains WWF’s coveted ‘Three Trees’ status

Redrow has secured the coveted ‘Three Trees’ status from the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) for the second year in a row. Redrow was the first UK housebuilder to achieve the status and has been awarded for its ongoing work to promote responsible forest management and eradicating illegal wood products from their supply chain.

Redrow’s track record for securing Credibly Certified Timber (Forest Stewardship Council – FSC) increased by 24% between 2007 and 2016, and it now stands at 63.47%. Redrow’s Source Assessed and Credibly Certified timber has also had an overall increase of 8.5% since 2007, and at present stands at 99.94%. The accolade places Redrow among the top 40 companies in the country using FSC legally approved timber and paper products.

Rob Macdiarmid, Group Sustainability Director at Redrow, comments:

“We are delighted to once again be awarded the ‘Three Trees’ status from the WWF, the highest score available. Timber is crucial to the construction that we do, so it important that we take the steps to ensure we source it in the most environmentally and socially responsible way possible. Our Group Commercial team’s strategy involves buyers at every level attending regular meetings and seminars conducted throughout the year to drive the importance of credible procurement, discussing areas to strengthen our mission and commitments going forward.

“At Redrow we work to embed sustainable values in all of our operations, contributing to economic development and creating vibrant, healthy communities wherever we work, whilst protecting and enhancing our natural environment. As part of this we have conducted regional workshops for our supply chain and have realigned our procurement policies in line with WWF’s standard. We are continuously working to improve the ecological value of our developments.”

The world’s largest leading independent conservative organisation, WWF, is calling on all UK companies to commit to buying sustainable timber and timber products. As part of their Global Forest Trade Network initiative they have launched the Timber Scorecard which assess 128 companies and awards them with a score from zero trees (no apparent progress on sustainable timber and timber products) to three trees, (sourcing over 70% certified sustainable wood and have policies and control systems in place).

What are Redrow doing to achieve their status?

  • Redrow are undertaking regular auditing of timber supply chain and work with suppliers to address issues
  • Redrow regularly review and seek to improve their timber purchasing policy
  • Redrow are committed to publicising to their customers and other parties the importance of purchasing timber materials form a sustainable and approved source

Click here to find out more about the Timber Scorecard and the work that Redrow having been doing to achieve the status.