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Latest Issue : Metal in Architecture Supplement 2018

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  • ON THE COVER: Sportcampus is a sports complex built in Zuiderpark, a park in The Hague. FaulknerBrowns Architects created an asymmetrical ovoid, surrounded by a ribbon of polished steel panels, reflecting its surroundings. For the full report on this project, go to page 28. Cover image © Arjen Schmitz.
  • A row of nine new houses in a south west London street emulates aspects of its Victorian terraces – but adds some contemporary twists, most obviously copious use of corten steel. Roseanne Field reports.
  • A major sports complex has been created in a Netherlands park, intended not only to provide facilities for professional athletes, but to increase the health of the local community. Russ Davenport, partner at FaulknerBrowns Architects, spoke to Jack Wooler about the array of contents wrapped inside this twisting metal ribbon.
  • Additional features, interviews and comments from Bronze Architecture, Architect Professor Michael Stacey, Neaco, Aurubis, Wedge Group Galvanizing, Metal Technology, and more.

And much more…