Smarter materials, smarter designs

In line with its ethos of innovation, Materials for Architecture 2018 will examine the possibilities of various cutting-edge and smart materials in architectural applications.

A number of talks from industry-leading experts have been curated to provide the design professional with an in-depth catalogue of knowledge and connections, opening up new realms of possibility across structures, facades, envelope and finishes.

Andrew Alderson, professor of smart materials at Sheffield Hallam University, will introduce the topic of auxetic materials, what they are and how they lead to important enhancements in properties of interest in architecture

Chris Coonick, senior consultant at the BRE National Solar Centre will evaluate the challenges and solutions to integrating photovoltaic technologies into a wide variety of building projects and forms.

Mark Dowson, associate at leading engineering firm, Buro Happold, will highlight how phase change materials can be used to create better buildings.

Dr Robert Quarshie, head of materials and nanotechnology at the Knowledge Transfer Network, will discuss materials that combine lightweight and high strength properties.

In addition to the above, conference talks will be led on some of the latest developments in timber, glass, composites, brick, ceramics and more.

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