OPENBOX intertwines architecture and landscape with marble house in Thailand

OPENBOX Architects’ recent residential design intertwines architecture, interior and landscape in the form of marble sculpture. The initial idea is to allow the inhabitant’s behavior to carve a dwelling space into a monolithic piece of marble sculpture.

The main piece appears so solid, yet light, while external landscape space flows underneath through the center courtyard. Residual marble pieces fall onto the ground merging with the landscape features, isolated, yet textually related to the marble boulder.

The excavation of unique shape, form, and space is created by shifting the building on linear and nonlinear planes. The Marble House is placed on one end of a rectangular plot with a large, tree at the opposite end. The visual impression of this vegetation is enhanced by a modern architecture style pavilion. A contrast of the simplest structure and a fully grown, natural-formed Rain tree, over a reflective swimming pool surface create a memorable, signature scene for the house.

The marble finish is, in fact, a large scale, light-weight, wall tile with a marble pattern print. As an external finish applied over a layer of internal brick wall, it also acts as weather cladding, shielding the house from direct Sunlight, and the heat of Bangkok summer, thus helping to cool down the interior during the day.

Relationship between architecture and landscape is subtly displayed everywhere. The overall square shaped form surrounds an open courtyard in the center, allowing natural light and ventilation to reach all remotest corners. Bamboo in the center courtyard moves and sways, asserting the presence of the wind.

ref: 27513