New light facade with natural clay tiles

European Building Materials has launched Vidar, a clean and elegant lightweight cladding system using natural clay tiles. Fast and simple to install, this inexpensive system is completely recyclable and designed in accordance with Cradle to Cradle environmental principles.

Designed in Denmark and made in Germany to BSEN 1304: 2013, Vidar can be used for both facades and roofs, providing a seamless transition from wall to roof. The system allows for solar panels to be integrated flush with façade or roof elements.

The natural clay tiles come in seven architect-selected colours, from dark yellow and red-brown to black-brown, black, blue, grey and white. The firing process produces an incredibly beautiful range of nuanced shades, with the design possibilities further enhanced by tile surface variations, from smooth to rustic to horizontally corrugated.

Made from 100 per cent inorganic materials, the Vidar lightweight system weighs only 40 kilos per square metre and is assembled in 3m lengths.  It has been tested to a height of 25m and resists winds up to 40m/s.

The 75mm thin wall comprises clay tiles mounted on an aluminium backing system. Build-up does not require wet trades and can result in fast construction – up to 14 m2 per hour can be fitted by a single, low-skilled operative.