Earth House – empowering people with abundant, sustainable materials

The 189.3 m2 house is located 25 minutes away from the city centre of Mérida. The intention behind building with earth is to create harmony between vernacular and modern architecture, tradition and technology, past and present; creating a style that mixes schools and trends. With the combination of earth and conventional materials like concrete, the old and the new work symbiotically.

The rammed-earth walls are the heart of the house, they create a free space that receives guests between the massive soil structure and the Mexican brick vault. Earth is a natural and forgotten resource, it is environmentally friendly and almost costless.

In socioeconomic terms, increasing the use of natural materials empowers individuals, encouraging them to be self-sufficient and use a resource that is virtually under their feet: soil. It is well-known that earth regulates the temperature of an environment and improves the air quality – contributing to the creation of healthier, more human buildings.

The architectural practice, earthLAB, was established in pursuit of discovering and pushing the limits of utilizing earth as a building material. As a group of architects, engineers and designers with the aim of developing earth building technologies, earthLAB organizes workshops in Sweden where participants and users are introduced to the basics of rammed earth and assisted with the design and realization of their projects.