Dow Building Solutions launches new BIM objects for XENERGYTM, STYROFOAMTM, and PERIMATETM

Dow Building Solutions has launched new BIM objects for its building insulation product ranges; XENERGYTM, STYROFOAMTM, and PERIMATETM. The new certified objects are available to download for free from the National BIM Library website in IFC and Revit formats for use, or using the NBS plugin for Autodesk© Revit© or ARCHICAD.

BIM provides new methods of working and assists teams from different disciplines collaborating on a single project. The digital model provided by BIM houses the information required to design, construct, and maintain the building, allowing potential issues to be identified earlier, leading to cost savings and increased efficiency.

New BIM objects are available for all dimensions of the following products;

  • FLOORMATE™ 300-A
  • FLOORMATE™ 500-A
  • FLOORMATE™ 700-A

Dow has also overhauled the library of online technical and sales literature available from RIBA Product Selector for XENERGY™, FLOORMATE™, and PERIMATE™, to reflect recent changes to product lines.

Joan Ferrer, Technical Sales Manager Dow Building Solutions, said:

“BIM is revolutionising the construction sector, and the UK is a global leader in BIM adoption. Dow’s new BIM objects will assist architects and specifiers working on large complex construction projects, facilitating co-operation and streamlining workflow.

“The diversity of Dow’s XPS product line enables us to offer comprehensive solutions for a wide range of scenarios. It’s important that architects and specifiers can access this information to ensure that they can select the correct Dow product for the situation. As always, our Technical Desk are ready and willing to share their expertise, and respond to queries.